7th to 9th September 2018
East London - International Convention Centre
Eastern Cape

THEME: The legacy of our education leaders and managers: a time for reflection and doing things differently?

Sub Theme

1. Ground-breaking achievements to meet the demands and challenges of the changing landscape in education.
2. Innovative responses to optimize access to basic and/or higher education
3. Strengthening/Sharing leadership in office-based, school-based and higher education
4. The intricacies of professional development and preparation of education leaders
5. Leadership empowerment and preparation concerns in education
6. The significance of issues such as the plea for the decolonisation of the curriculum, ‘state capture’ and other critical issues for education leaders and managers.
7. Diversity and social justice opportunities in times of change.
8. Contextual determinants beyond the school fence to account for by school leadership
9. The role of the school leader to prepare learners for higher education.
10. The importance of networks in education.
11. Collective Leadership.

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